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Trump 37 Count Indictment, June 9, 2023.
NIC: Foreign Threats to the US Federal Election, March 15, 2021.
Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, Volume I of II.
Trump's racist 1776 Project Report released January 18th, 2021, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
State of the Air 2020 - Air quality in the U.S. is becoming worse.
Hospital Experiences Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Results of a National Pulse Survey March 23–27, 2020

Coronavirus: The World Economy at Risk, March 2, 2020
Mueller Report Redacted by Attorney General Barr
The Intensification of the Water Footprint of Hydraulic Fracturing
The IRA: Social Media and Political Polarizationin the United States, 2012-2018
November 6, 2018 Plumas County, California Measure B Commercial Cannabis votes by precinct
November 6, 2018 Plumas County, California General Election votes by precinct
August 14, 2018 - Global Sustainable Development Report 2019
July 13, 2018 - DOJ Indictment of 12 Russian Intelligence Operatives
January 25, 2017 Trump Draft Memo Border Security National Guard
Now Hiring: The Growth of America's Clean Energy & Sustainability Jobs
(Note that you can right click on the above links and download the PDFs)

The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen
War Against the Panthers: A Study Of Repression In America by Huey P. Newton
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
1984 by George Orwell
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Black Box Voting by Bev Harris (download zip file)

Welcome to the new Over the last 20 plus years I've developed and maintained several websites for my own work and projects and some for others as well. Some are more developed than others, some are more popular than others. Here are brief descriptions and links to these websites.

Archives - Archive of articles and resources about the Standing Rock Water Protectors opposition to the DAPL Pipeline, Download Howard Zinn's "People's History of the United States". - My son, Aran, and I developed this website in 1996. It is devoted to GIS (geographical information system). My mission in this work is to provide the information, tools, resources and expertise to enhance personal growth and knowledge and empower you in your efforts towards improving environmental and social conditions. We provide free GIS software, free maps, free GIS shapefile maps layers and a free Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Atlas. Over the years the website has become quite popular serving on average 10,000+ pages per day. We also provide low cost federal and Indian lands and climate change shapefiles. - Since moving to a few acres of land, I've been able to begin implementing all those great dreams I've had over the years about creating my own self-sufficient life. This website provides resources that I have found useful and chronicles my footsteps down this new path. - This website is based on my years in the salvage and recycling businesses. I started off in scrap metal, moved into deconstruction for used lumber and building materials and ended up doing electronic, telecommunication and computer salvage and recycling where I learned to recover gold and other materials and sold reusable items for alternative energy systems. Recently I published the Home Based Salvage & Recycling Business Manual to help folks avoid my mistakes and learn from my successes in this home based business. - My son Aran and I developed this website. It is a sort of getting-back-to-our-roots. In 1996 we created the first U.S. based interactive maps of toxic releases on the internet. We followed this with our work with EDF creating the interactive webmaps for their Scorecard project. This Google Maps mashup project is based upon EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data and school locations in the U.S. Links are provided to RTK Net for detailed chemical pollution release data and to Scorecard for chemical information.. - Maptivism = Maps + Activism - Our intent here is to showcase some of our work and that of others as well. If you are working on an innovative project or know of one, please let us know. Thank you. - In July of 2007 I developed this website for the Blue Creek - Ah Pah Traditional Yurok Village. I've worked with Willard Carlson Jr. (headman) to help build the village. Its purpose is to rehabilitate and heal the river, land, salmon, Yurok culture, forests, ecosystems, habitat and the people. I also host and maintain the website and do digital photography, videography, GIS cartography, grant writing and promotional work for the village, as well as help with construction and organizational tasks. - In 2004 Ernie Albers and I built our first scale model Yurok Redwood Plank House for Eureka's Clarke Museum. It is a large 1/6th scale model and is on permanent display in the museum's Nellis Hall. Since then, we have built several museum quality scale model plank houses of various sizes. Our most recent was one for the Blue Creek - Ah Pah Traditional Yurok Village and one for the Indian Education Program in Brookings, Oregon. - I built this website to promote the band while I managed it through September 2016. - I managed this band in 2006 & 2007. Best Jimi Hendrix tribute ever. Band played local casinos plus many festivals in California and Oregon, sharing stages with Tommy Castro, Cheap Trick, Foghat and many others, culminating in an opening performance for Foreigner. - Economic times are tough for most all of us and are bound to get worse. This website, in conjunction with brings together resources for economic survival and sustainable lifestyles. - I developed Learn2Map in 2002 as a way of helping people learn to create their own digital maps. The tutorial is free, updated frequently, includes many free resources and can also make use of most all the free GIS maps available at - In a worsening economy we need to create our own recovery plans. I'll begin with two fields, two home-based businesses that I have experience with. I'll be developing this website over the next months. - Craig Miller and I developed this website to help the community learn more about local railroad history and to promote the development of the Santa Cruz Depot Park. - Climate change, global warming and climate shift news, maps, data, research, impacts, renewal, war & security, skeptics, energy, resources, extreme weather, injustice videos, and Google Earth & Maps mashups. - The Angels Branch of the Sierra Railroad is one of the most famous and unique shortline branches in the world. In 1976 I was fortunate enough to be able to hike the entire length of this Sierra foothill's railroad branchline before it was flooded below hundreds of feet of water for a new reservoir - The New Melones - a part of California's Central Valley Water Project. During the 2 day hike, I could clearly see the cuts and switchbacks, yards, small towns and mine sites. - This website was my first North Coast oriented project. Main features include high resolution downloadable maps of aboriginal Yurok territory as well as the GIS layers required to create the maps and access to the free Learn2Map GIS Tutorial. The tutorial also includes access to many more free map layers plus a free GIS program.

I've also developed many websites and projects related to toxic chemicals and environmental justice. In 1996 I created the first U.S. based interactive toxic maps on the internet, the Santa Cruz Toxic Release Inventory. This simple website led to our family being hired to develop nation-wide interactive toxic maps for Environmental Defense's Chemical Scorecard.

If interested, you can check out some of my academic work -- sorry, it's sorely in the need of updating.

If you browse my websites, you'll find that my interests are varied -- to say the least. They reflect, in part, past and/or present occupations, involvements and . Over the years I've been a machinist, factory worker, and teacher. I've worked for my self in general and electronic salvage, longhaul trucking, woodworking, recycling, GIS mapping, scale modelling, computer programming and more. I'd love to hear from you if you have similar interests.

If you have a need for website development, hosting and maintenance; digital videography and editing; digital photography; GIS mapping and cartography; museum quality scale models; or book editing and promotion, please contact me.

Thanks so much for visiting,

Contact: [email protected]

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