Mike's 75 280Z Car
Photographed by Mike Meuser
Here's the deal. Months ago I bought this really cool big saw for $175 at a yard sale -- a big 15" delta that came on its own trailer. I decided it was way too big for me so I put an ad in the paper. Couple guys came by but no sale. About 3 weeks later this guy asks if I want to trade it for a Datsun. I said maybe. So he gave me directions to go check it out, saying that he'd leave the keys and title on the seat and if I liked it, to take it and he'd get saw later. I was amazed when I drove up and saw this Z Car. AND it ran and ran good (I got it up to 132MPH). It's got a few problems but hey, for a $175 saw -- such a deal don't you think?

DSCF2325 DSCF2326 DSCF2327
DSCF2328 DSCF2329  

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