Some Early History of the Santa Cruz
Depot Site And Wharf

By Cliff Walters and Bruce Macgregor

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1912 Valuation Photo (Vernon Sappers Collection, Western Railroad Museum)

Address at Santa Cruz
By President Theodore Roosevelt

May 11, 1903

"Nothing has pleased me more here in California than to see how thoroughly awake you are to preserve the monuments of the past, human and natural. I am glad to see the way the old mission buildings are being preserved. This great, wonderful State, this State which is itself an empire, situated on the greatest of oceans, should keep alive the sense of historic continuity of the past, and should as one step towards that end preserve the ancient historic landmarks within its limits."

From Santa Cruz, California, Addresses by President Roosevelt (San Francisco, The California Promotion Committee, printed by The Tomoye Press, 1903) p53-

1912 Valuation Photo (Vernon Sappers Collection, Western Railroad Museum)

(Charles W. Williams Drawing)

Santa Cruz Yard 1907 (Mike Hayes collection)

Some other Santa Cruz Depots

Santa Cruz Trolley Station

Union Traction Co. "Trolley Station" at Santa Cruz, Ca. With S.P. station at right, (R.C. Brandt Collection)
(U.C. Santa Cruz, Special Collections)

Santa Cruz's Uptown Cherry Street Depot

Cherry Street arcade depot of Fred Hinn's Santa Cruz Railroad c.a. 1880 (Bruce Macgregor)
(U.C. Santa Cruz, Special Collections)

Early Maps of Santa Cruz Railroads

More Historic Photos

This rare photograph of the SC&F's yards correlates nicely with
the warehouse labeled "grain, lime, cement and gen'l"on page 4.

(Vernon Sappers Collection, Western Railroad Museum)

Beach Street before it was a street

(U.C. Santa Cruz, Special Collections)

Both of these photos were taken
from the Bay Street Bridge

World War 1 Troop Train in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Depot 1955

Santa Cruz Depot with Cover


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